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  • Holiday Hours:
    Christmas Eve (December 24, 2023): 11AM - 5PM
    Christmas Day (December 25, 2023): Closed
    New Year's Eve (December 31, 2023): 11AM - 5PM

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Daboba: Flavorful Catering Delights


Transform your events with Daboba's catering! Indulge your guests with our vibrant boba teas and tasty treats. Elevate any occasion with our flavorful offerings. Contact us to craft a tailored catering experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Elevate Your Events with Daboba Santee Catering

Transform your gatherings with the exquisite taste of Daboba Santee.
Our catering services are tailored for events starting from 50 drinks or more, ensuring an unforgettable experience.
Enjoy a remarkable 25% discount on our catering packages, adding more delight to your occasions.
Let us bring boba bliss and aesthetic elegance to your special events.
Explore our catering options today and create unforgettable moments with us.

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Fundraise with Flavor: Daboba Santee Fundraising


Harness the power of flavor for your cause with Daboba Santee's Fundraising Program. We provide a delicious opportunity for organizations to raise funds while spreading boba bliss in the community.

Empower Your Cause with Daboba Santee's Fundraising Program

Indulge in a delicious opportunity to raise funds and spread boba bliss within your community.

  • Streamlined Organization: Simplify your fundraising efforts with our user-friendly program.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Delight supporters with our irresistible boba offerings.
  • Collective Earnings: Earn a share of sales to support your cause.

Let's make fundraising both effective and enjoyable together. Contact us today to discover more and kickstart your flavorful fundraising journey with Daboba Santee.

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Join Daboba: Careers Await!


Discover exciting opportunities and join a vibrant team at Daboba, where passion meets innovation in every boba-filled moment.